Thursday, December 20, 2012

FabTeeZ is 3 month old!

As we are boarding our plane for our Christmas vacation, I want to pause and celebrate the fact that FabTeeZ is 3 month old today. In these 3 months, we have achieved our goals (small, but still goals!) of selling 20 tees a month, getting some sales from non-friends/non-relative, and at least once-a-week blog post.

What's next? Oh, there are so many things; first, I am thinking of doing a giveaway in conjunction with a brand new line coming up right around Valentine's Day. And trust me, the giveaway will be a good one, so like us on Facebook or follow us with this blog. Taking a sewing class is another thing on my list. And yes, oldie, but goodie, new colors for some favorite designs will be introduced as well.

Anyway, as the year is about to end, we would like to SHOUT OUT a big THANK YOU to our customers and fans. We won't be able to achieve our goals without you and may next year (the Year of the Snake) bring prosperity to all of you.

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