Thursday, November 15, 2012

FabTipZ - Branding

From what we have been reading, branding is very important to ensure that your store or product is memorable and have a cohesive look to it. Before we opened our Etsy store, we created logos, banners, and little icon figurines that would be our signatures. Orange and white are the two main colors for everything, from our Etsy banner, Facebook banner, and the blog.

Etsy Store

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FabTeeZ Blog
In the last few weeks, we have been developing clothing labels and business cards. For the clothing labels, we thought about using orange and white again, but our tees are so colorful and not all colors look nice together with FabTeeZ orange. So, we changed our logo to black and white and had clothing labels made by Jennifer’s Jewels, a fellow Etsy seller. They turned out fantastic and we started putting them on our tees recently.

Next on to the business cards. We want something personal and memorable. We got some really good ideas from MOO who prints custom double-sided color business cards. They have fabulous photo galleries of their past customers. We are struck by the idea that the front face can be all the same, but the back side can be different (e.g. photographer showing different photos from his/her portfolio). This really got us thinking that maybe on the back of our business cards, there should be various figurines with personality traits listed. Then as we hand them out, we assess the personality of the recipient and give the appropriate figurine. And this can also be a conversation starter. What are your thoughts of this idea?

We are not sure what is next in terms of branding our little business. Do you have any thoughts? What are your experiences with branding your product?

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